How many cars/vehicles do you own, that require a licence to operate? And what's the most you have ever owned at a time?

I currently own....

  • 0 vehicles

  • 1 car

  • 2 cars

  • 3+ cars

  • A boat

  • A motorbike

  • Other (specify)

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CHB World Championship People's Champion
May 16, 2013
Question came up today when I was visiting a friend who owns two cars, a motorbike and a boat. (all except the bike are pieces of shit).

I own one car, that's all the vehicles I have ever owned - one car at a time.

How about you? How many vehicles do you currently own, and what's the most you have ever owned?

May 17, 2013
Currently have a pickup truck, a Camry and a cruiser motorcycle.

In the past I've had a car, a truck and 3 motorcycles at one time. This was back in the 70's when I had a Ford Ranchero, an Oldsmobile Cutlass, a Harley Davidson, a BSA 650 and a Honda 750. Good thing insurance was cheap back then.