how many of you CHB deviants have slept with trannies/shemales/whatever?

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  • Plenty

  • Just once. I swear.

  • Never in a million years

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May 16, 2013
I've never seen a tranny in real life, seen cross dressers at gigs or a night out but never a genuine chick with a dick. Though I suppose some of these guys look more like women then some women do, so you never know.

I saw a video of some blonde tranny who looked cute and very feminine, even with the cock and balls.


Jun 3, 2012
Well, in China, men outnumber women by over 33 million, but that doesn't mean those men have to resort to unnatural relations with their own sex. Many of these Chinese males live on animal farms, where they can at least still practice and learn the birds and the bees with their OWN sex, so they can later procreate with their OWN species, as nature intended. (The subtitle of the following classic bestseller is "The Triumph of Love Over Rage," but it's misspelled on Amazon as, "The Triumph of Love Over Rag"...):

From "Men in Love," by Nancy Friday, 1980, Chapter 12, page 270:




"I had my first orgasm when I was twelve. I was playing
with my cock and it kept feeling better and better until that
indescribable explosion of passion which I shall never forget,
though I'm well past fifty.

Those were the days when premarital fucking was frowned
upon and anyway, I was too bashful to ask girls for a date,
much less fuck them. But I often wondered what a girl's sex-
ual organs looked like and how it would feel to put my cock
inside a girl. There were no picture magazines then so I could
only fantasize. I was in my twenties before I finally got a
good look at a girl's bottom! I lived alone with my hand on
my cock for years, not realizing how beautiful the world of
sexual experience there was to enjoy outside of myself.
Since we lived on a farm I discovered a unique way of get-
ting my sexual needs satisfied. I began to experiment with
cows. First I tried it on the calves about a year old but they
were a bit too tight and would not stand still. So I took to
fucking older cows, some of which seemed to enjoy it as
much as I did. I figured this is what it must be like to fuck a
real girl and would fantasize I was doing just that. I did
worry, however, that it might be possible for the cows to get
babies instead of calves, for then my secret would be discov-

In my mid-twenties I finally got up enough courage to date
girls and eventually became married. Sex has been my great-
est pleasure and still is. Every time I fuck my wife I can't get
over the thought that I am actually fucking a real woman and
not a cow."

This guy has to be an internet troll ahead of his time
Jul 23, 2017
Been sucked off by one. Was in a club in Liverpool St in London with a friend absolutely pissed out my face when he somehow convinced two Thai "women" to carry on the party at theirs. Got back to their place and started having fun, by that I mean there was some kissing and I was getting my dick wet.

I was definitely wary having heard the stories, but also pretty naive and just thought we'd got super lucky. I then went to go downstairs on "her" and she recoiled and I realised she was in fact a he and what an idiot I'd been.

It ended with me using the logic that if she/he wants to live as a woman, they therefore consider themselves to be women and so should I... I was basically justifying why my rock hard cock needed finishing off.

You're a fag, there's no two way about it, you knew damn well that person is of an xy chromosome. Nooooooooo, gender isn't a social construct.