Hughie Fury (24-3) vs. David Allen (18-5-2)

Fury vs Allen Winner and How?

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Going the full Gonzo
Sep 16, 2013
great fight! The white Muhammad Ali bs the White Joe Frazier..... I can barely wait
and 'The Thrilla in Manilla' has evolved into 'The Mismatch at Matchroom' or perhaps 'Bullshit In The Backyard'
May 26, 2020
Brilliant news. I needed a few alternatives to Bradley Skeete for when I am feeling insomniac.
Johnny Nelson’s title challenge against Carlos de Leon is the best somnifore. 1 round you’ll be asleep. Next day I watch round 2. You’ll be asleep. Day after watch round 3. Asleep. Etc. Then on day 13 start to watch Nelson James Warring. Follow the same process. That’s another 12 days of sound sleep.
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