I need a decent pair of running shoes...


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May 24, 2013
...for road running (not professional, just keeping fit).

Less than £100/$150

What do you lot suggest?

Thanks for the suggestions if they come...


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Jun 3, 2013
I've been running in brook's adrenaline. Very specific for running though. I switch to something more snug for gym work
Jul 14, 2012
horwich, lancashire
What I use. You can run in them, and box in them too. I train in running shoes, don't need Boxing boots for people to see I've been in a ring before.
hahaha I like that.all the kids in our boxing club train in their boots whether they compete or not ??????
but when I boxed, all the lads in the gym boxed but none wore their boots, trunks or vests.
My favourite running shoes are saucony btw which have a wider fit but I know asics are a great shoe
Sep 12, 2014
you probably already found shoes but for anyone else coming here to find shoes... for style, comfort and something light I recommend any of the Nike Flyknits. Asics are always a great choice for comfort and brooks has some really high reviews and known to be pretty good shoes. Adidas has some quality running shoes as well but Asics, Brooks or Nike is the way to go!
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Jun 11, 2013
'Straya, cunt.
Nike don't make running shoes, nike make fashion sports shoes, Asics or Brooks would be the go to brands or try something a little different like Merrils with a zero rise vibram sole (great shoes for boxing training too).
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May 16, 2013
I swear by Mizunos. Every now and again I'll buy another running show brand but I've always gone back to mizuno. I suppose it depends on your foot and running style at the end of the day

My Mizunos seem to support the contour of the foot really well and balance. Provide the right amount of firmness and cushioning. The running shoes feel more multi purpose than your usual running shoe which is a bonus but they are not the best on looks generally.
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