I Refuse to Let Them Die - 1-2-3-4!!! RAMONES


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May 17, 2013
On 31 December 1977, the Ramones recorded It's Alive at the Rainbow theatre in London. The double album was released in April 1979

  • Photograph: Roberta Bayley/Rex Features

  • Johnny Ramone performing live on stage
    Photograph: Gus Stewart/Redferns

  • Joey and Dee Dee at the Old Waldorf club in San Francisco, January 1978

    Photograph: Ed Perlstein/Redferns

  • Dee Dee, Joey, Tommy and Johnny in Amsterdam in September 1978. Tommy tired of touring and quit drumming duties in 1978, although he did help produce the band
    Photograph: Alamy

  • Marc Bell replaced Tommy and became Marky Ramone. Three weeks later, work started on the fourth studio album, Road to Ruin. In 1979, the Ramones made their movie debut in Rock'n'Roll High School. After seeing the movie, Phil Spector became involved with the band and produced their next album, End of the Century, which was released on 4 February 1980. The result was a much softer pop sound, which didn't go down well with the band or the fans. Spector's relationship with the band came to an end

    Photograph: Everett Collection/Rex Features

  • Johnny Ramone at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1979
    Photograph: David Corio/Redferns

  • Johnny, Joey, Marky and Dee Dee in 1981

    Photograph: Sire Records/Getty Images

  • Johnny Ramone at the Hollywood Palladium in 1988. Between 1981 and 1995, the band released a further nine studio albums, and there were more changes of personnel – including Richie Ramone, Elvis Ramone and CJ Ramone
    Photograph: Steve Appleford/Corbis

  • The Ramones are said to have played over 2,200 concerts, touring virtually non-stop for 22 years. Their last gig was at the Palace in Hollywood in 1996

    Photograph: Roberta Bayley/Redferns

  • Three of the band's four founding members – Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee – died within eight years of the breakup. Here, mourners stop by CBGB's in New York in 2001 to lay flowers and pay their respects at a shrine to Joey. You can read Joey's obituary here, Johnny's here and Dee Dee's here
    Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

  • Tommy Ramone in 1977. Tommy died at his home in New York on 11 July 2014 aged 62 after a battle with cancer

    Photograph: Ian Dickson/REX

  • Tommy Ramone, of The Ramones, on drums at The Old Waldorf Nightclub in San Francisco, 1978
    Photograph: Richard McCaffrey/Getty Images

  • Tommy Ramone with Johnny Ramone's wife Linda at the 8th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute in Los Angeles, 2012

    Photograph: Sipa USA/REX

  • Tommy Ramone in March 2012
    Photograph: Mcmullan Co/Sipa/rex

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Curious member...
May 17, 2013
The greatest rock band in the history of rock bands!!!!

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R.I.P. Joe Rein
May 24, 2013

Best live version of this song.
That guitar sound is so ace. I had a US Telecaster that I could get to sound just like that. One pedal, nothing else - dirty/clean that came with the Marshall combo I bought.

Hell I miss RAMONES.