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The Gifted One
May 17, 2013
The one hour special for DragonBall Super was legendary

Jiren beats Goku even with him doing the Kaioken X20 and the spirit bomb
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Jun 14, 2012
i cant get into the animation in Super. i miss when Dragon Ball looked like this

It's gotten much better though. Well at least the last time I watched it anyway. They changed the animation style and it looked far better than it did earlier on.
Jul 29, 2012
Reading through the Kenshin Jinchuu arc for the first time. Watched the anime, but obviously, this arc was never done in the anime. Amazing. I'm imagining chapter by chapter how incredible that anime would have been
Jul 29, 2012
My dumbass found a shitty stream of the new Dragon Ball Super movie. I watched about 20 minutes of it...it is easily the best dragon ball thing ever. Wow. They took the cool hulk like concept of Broly and fleshed it out into something meaningful. Dragonball seems to be slowly evolving into a more modern level anime. The new arc in the Manga looks to be going in some really cool directions that could change the series in very good ways as well.
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