Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions"

May 17, 2013
Aside from needing to clean those doors, it's amazing how far in how short a time this crap has got. The idea that anyone was deeply hurt or offended by having "men" and "women" on toilet doors is laughable. People who now are offended had to be told that it was something to be offended about. If you need to be trained and coached into feeling upset about something, then it wasn't inherently worth getting upset about.
Unless people act its gonna get worse. The older i get the more right i am becoming because i can see what will happen if left wing viewpoints really take off. Holy fuck and all at a time when the Muslim populations in Europe are going up, and they dont play like the left.... sweet Jesus the future looks fucked.
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Jun 4, 2013
Damn, it doesn't let me post the reply... Anyways, summary of it below.

You forgot to post the sad part. Bitch let it get so bad she infested a fucking daycare with it :lol:. He broke it off with her only because she got fat. Now, she has an apartment infested with bedbugs, broke, and possibly facing a lawsuit in the thousands because the situation is so bad with the bed bugs (tldr version).

By the way, the Twitter comments are furious that he "fat shamed" the girl instead of feeling sorry for this guy's situation. I mean he's liable to be sued up the ass, and he living with a generous friend because he has no place to go.

Edit (again): this relationship thread on Twitter is fucking hilarious! Which one of you faggots is this one?

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