Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions"


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Jun 11, 2013
'Straya, cunt.
That's true enough. I'm sick of Pedderrs and his mealy-mouthed two-faced dishonest bullshit.

If JK Rowling was what he claims, then SJW themes would be far more prominent in her work. Affleck is not a direct equivalent - filmmaking is a collaborative process. Affleck picks his projects, but an Affleck-directed movie is not a reflection of him the same as a Potter book is a reflection of Rowling. The studio makes a hell of a lot more decisions for Affleck than the publishing house does for Rowling.

Regarding her work, who is the most prominent LGBT character in the entire series of seven books? Dumbledore, and his sexuality was not even revealed until years after the final book was released. His sexuality was irrelevant. Rowling didn't care about making anyone an LGBT representative.

Same with race. The main three characters are all white. The lead is a boy, the only girl is his sidekick and the only question about romance is which of the two male leads she'll end up with. But everyone in the books ends up in a heteronormative relationship. Nobody's sexual or cultural identity is a defining part of their character - in Hogwarts, nobody gives a fuck if you're white or black or Asian, or straight or gay. Being brave, morally consistent and a good friend are what is emphasised again and again and again. Not identity markers.

And two white males who are initially portrayed as aligned with evil, undergo significant redemption arcs and end up being celebrated.

If Rowling was "ludicrously woke", then she would have put a lot more SJW Bullshit in her work, and she sure as hell wouldn't have waded onto the trans debate with a clear and forceful statement of "you are not real women."

Sure, she'll make noises to support the style of the time, keep her public profile up and get praised for espousing the "correct" opinions. But if she was a real woke crusader, then her work would heavily reflect that. As opposed to not reflecting it at all...... even a little bit.



complete and utter prick
Jun 11, 2013
'Straya, cunt.
I quite like the guy and don't want to be finger wagging in his direction but yes, he does tend to hang on to grievances and disagreements too long and his attacks are often venomous and uncalled. There are a few people of similar persuasion but they are indeed in the minority.......thank fuck.

I'd hazard a guess by saying that this flies in the face of how he is in 'real life'.
I very much doubt he would be so arrogant, rude, insulting and snide in person, I do believe he would be a cunt though, a treacherous, backstabbing cunt.
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May 16, 2013
Some people just love to be the messenger of controversy don't they.

I hate to say it but it's almost like a competition between woke white people.
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May 14, 2013
Castle Duckula.
Except in the vast majority of cases none of them can truly be decided on merit, because with the exception of best effects, all of those categories are purely subjective opinion. It's like saying whoever is the better fighter should be given the round based on merit, end of. Great, but some people favour pressure fighters over counterpunchers, some appreciate volume while others appreciate damage, etc etc.


In principle yes, but most of the time we can all agree on 4/5 standout performances in big films. Or that the directing, screenplay or overall film was worthy of ATG status. Obviously every year a few films creep in to the Oscars and other big award ceremonies that most people find questionable. That can usually be attributed to basic Hollywood politics and wanting to sell a film and give it another push at the box office, seeing Meryl Streep get a nod for Into The Woods was a genuine embarrassment.

Now we can complain that certain types of movies are given the short shrift every year just because of the genre and that will never change even if those movies or performances within them are better that what gets the glory. I love sci fi and action based films, those are always tragically overlooked. But, I'd be even more pissed off if Hollywood decided to throw nominations there way as a token gesture in a year when even myself thought no sci or action films deserved recognition. This year very few very good films have been made about people of African heritage. I heard someone say the film about Harriet Tubman should be rewarded even though it in't very good at all purely on the basis that it is a 'black story'. This isn't my opinion about the film, I have not seen it, it is the general opinion of most people that have seen it regardless of their skin colour. I mean I'd be genuine embarrassed about cheering Black Panther when that hit the Oscar buzz, it was an average comic movie. We could all have thought of loads of far superior movies from that year that deserved Oscar noms. And this year I can not think of many or any.

When the Oscar noms come up this year I hope it is all done on merit, at least to a level we can agree with and we do not get any tokenism or nods to people just because they carry political weight for the event.
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Jul 6, 2019

I hope to fuck this is fake.......................
My order of preference for these things.

1. Being shamed for lying about rape.

I am usually pretty good at taking the blame when I do something wrong. Even if there's extenuating circumstances.

2. Lying about rape.

My conscience would be troubled and I would worry about the legal ramifications.

3. Be raped.

Speaks for itself really.

One of the worse things about the Internet is that everyone now thinks their own opinion is valuable, no matter how stupid. Furthermore, you can always find other idiots to support you.
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