Is Dr. Pepper better than coke or Pepsi?

May 25, 2013
When I did drink fizzy drinks regularly which probably would of been in my late teens, early 20's I liked Dr Pepper on par with Pepsi, but I preferred Lilt and Tango.

But all that stuff is too sweet for me now and I don't like the carbonation even if I could deal with all that sweetness.
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Jun 4, 2013
As for the question, it really depends. I love all three sodas. I try hard not to keep them in the house because I'd literally be drinking 4 bottles of that shit a day.

Dr. Pepper tastes like shit in a glass bottle and a plastic bottle for some reason, though. Dr. Pepper tastes best from the tap or from a can. Pepsi and Coke taste great in any form. Pepsi doesn't taste all that great from a tap while Coke is fucking king from the tap. As I said, depends on how I'm feeling.

They can all taste like shit if you get them from a shitty tap where they don't refill the syrup or whatever.
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