Is Haggis CHB's MVP (Most Valuable Poster)?

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Joe E

Proud Shitholer
Jul 29, 2012
I'm not backpedalling at all.

For weeks you've been accusing me of sending PMs to the mods, trying to get Joe and Cucko threadbanned and/or subjected to different rules than the others.


Didn't do that.

Didn't send any PMs calling for anybody to be banned, didn't call for any rules to be imposed.

So...... you're full of shit.

I DID ask for the thread title to be changed, to reflect the fact that neither of these retards has the balls to actually talk about Agent Orange, or Sessions, or Wilbur Ross, or Prince Kushner, or any of the other clowns and crooks in the admin.

Does that simple joke that would have affected exactly nothing about Joe and Cucko's ability to "contribute" to the thread, really trigger you SO MUCH that you have to cry about it for weeks? When it doesn't even involve you at all?

And I'M the sook, you reckon? :lol:

We did talk about the cunt you tried to vote for a great deal, though.


May 17, 2013
The House that Peterbilt
for someone who's read 4,000 books, your grammar's still no better than a 4 year old

keep retardin' on

you bin a bit quiet Slappy, you bin in jail again or just hangin out in the smokey'n'dark room out the back of Jack's Bar?

btw great contributions to the forum today, marvellous effort, keep up the good work
'Johnny's" bar

thanks for caring though,bitchtits :hi: