Is it time to finally write off Boxnation?


Sith Lord
Mar 1, 2019
Content seems to be a lot less and perhaps a little more obscure than it used to be?


Next week.
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Just here for the chat...
Mar 24, 2018
I got the BT Sport app for free as part of my mobile contract, it includes Boxnation. Also have access through my IPTV.

I hardly ever watch it. Might watch the fight later though.


R.I.P. Joe Rein
May 24, 2013
I was with BN from the beginning but I cancelled it about three months ago as it's definitely gone to shit.

I spend the money I save now on cask ale.
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Jun 6, 2012
They appear to have stopped showing Top Rank shows. The MTK shows went a while ago. I think that the South African and Russian cards , they got for free. We heard for years how Warren put his money where his mouth is and started his own channel unlike the others but as soon as he got a TV deal he bailed straight away. Some people might say that they are the words of a hypocrite.
Jun 14, 2012
I have it with the BT package but no way would I ever pay for it on its own. Its just constant fuckin repeating of the same fights for a week and hardly any live content these days.
Jun 3, 2012
Peak District, UK
Yes it's really sad - I was in from the beginning and BN have given us some great nights. But I cancelled when it became clear that BT would have the best content, as we also subscribe to BT. I now get BN in SD through that, without having to pay anything extra for it, but the thing is I now much prefer to watch in HD anyway, and they haven't had a fight in some time which drew me to watch BN, so I have drifted away and now haven't watched a show in ages. I keep expecting them to turn it off altogether, and that would be kinder than this current slow death. It suddenly feels incredibly dated and out of step, which it really didn't I the heady days just after they turned on the HD feed. It's like watching an aging rocker now, but also having been at their gig 40 years ago. No thanks.
Jun 20, 2012
As others have said, it's included with BT for me. I watch the occasional card on the channel in SD - wouldn't pay for it separately though