I've said this before, but Colombia may be my next holiday destination.

Jun 28, 2013
I have been checking out the girls in Colombia on the webcam sites. Not just this, but I've been researching. Colombia Is full with hotties. I was reading about this older guy's adventures over in Medellin.

The guy must be in his 50's banging legit 8/9 women. He is paying for it, but he says it's miles cheaper than back home here in England. He can fuck a young, tight 19/20 year old for at least half the price he would here for 1 hour. Even picking them up online on cam sites isn't that hard.

A little bit of sweet talk and the girl will be willing to meet you when one visits Colombia. They know what they are doing. For a young, somewhat (I need a little work) in shape guy, the girls will be all for it.

My plan would be not to pay of course, but if an absolute cutie wanted paying then I probably wouldn't hesitate. I am bored with trying to pick up 6/7 and playing their little games. I wanna go some place where the gringo Is appreciated and the women are flaming hot.


May 16, 2013
There is a whole lot more going on there than just coke. Get place to get into way more trouble than you can cope with.
Yeah, i am aware of that. Maybe when im old, depressed i will go there as my last crusade :D
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May 21, 2013
I would go there for the coke, must be excellent quality.
One of my polish buddies went on a lads holiday with his polish friends, one of them has a cousin or relative down there

He was chatting to the guy on Whats app about getting some yayo and the colombian based guy says "I am very sorry the best I can do is $7 a gram - will that be okay?"


Anyways when they were down there my phone goes off I click to see what is going on and he sends me a photo of a baseball size baggy of yayo , probably only spent $50 on it too - hhahaha