Jack Catterall's Mandatory Shot at Jose Ramirez Delayed

Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
It has been almost a year since Jack Catterall had a meaningful fight. In fact, since beating Ohara Davies, he has only had one fight: a scheduled eight rounder against a Nicaraguan journeyman back in April. So I did a search to see what was going on, and came across this from Frank Warren's column earlier this month:

"ON THE CUSP of stepping into world title action is our super lightweight contender Jack Catterall. Jack holds the mandatory spot with the WBO but his accession has been held up a bit due to the recent unification clash between Maurice Hooker and the WBC champion Jose Ramirez.

Ramirez now holds both belts and, unfortunately, has been issued with two mandatory orders. At the moment it looks like the WBC challenge from Viktor Postol is likely to take place first on the basis there is a signed agreement that Jack is next in line and with a timeframe put in place.

In the meantime Jack will need to keep busy and we will look into the possibility of having him fight on the undercard of Ramirez-Postol in order to maximise interest in the forthcoming mandatory.

We’ll keep you posted on that."


If he does end up on the Ramirez-Postol undercard, who should he fight? And does he have a chance of beating Ramirez next year?
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Apr 19, 2014
Catteralls career seemed to stop dead in it's tracks after he picked up some hype after knocking out Brough and Stalker, but those were FIVE years ago!! He is only 26 so it's good that he's finally kicking it up a gear, he has some decent wins but the promotion has been pretty shit to be honest
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Jun 1, 2013

UD for Catterall. Hopefully the fights are more competitive on MTK's other card today...
Play that fight in black and white and it looked something out of the 1950's, couldn't tell if Catterall lacked power or Timo just has an iron skull. Was a bit worried for Timo at the end, a fight like that where you take a lot of punishment over a long period in a country not used to dealing with boxing has the potential to go wrong, glad he seemed ok at the end.
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