Jaron "Boots" Ennis: 21-Year-Old Prospect with a 22-0 (20KOs) Record

Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
Anyone following the career of welterweight Jaron "Boots" Ennis?

Fighting out of Philly and with a reported 58-3 amateur record, Ennis has recently looked impressive in stepping up. He stopped tough veteran Mike Arnaoutis in two rounds and, in his last fight, wiped out Raymond Serrano -- also in the second round.

From what I've seen, I think he's a serious talent to keep an eye on.
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Jun 6, 2013
Jeez, Ennis is a fearless counterpuncher.

I dunno if his style is impressive or suicidal, but I'm looking forward to watching more of this kid!
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Aug 26, 2017
There was a thread about Jaron a couple of months ago after the win against Serrano. He is very impressive and very confident. Great to watch, throws good, quick combos. Maybe guilty of admiring his own work a bit too much, but you can't really criticize his work so far. Definitely one to watch.
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Jun 4, 2013
Man, guy was a constant on that ShoBox, the New Generation. Reminds me of Antoine Douglas with that. Since I'm no longer subscribed to Showtime, I don't keep up with those anymore.
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