RBR!!! Jeddah Jamboree: Amir Khan vs Billy Dib, Hughie Fury vs Sam Peter, Prince Patel World Title Fight + MTK in Liverpool

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Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
What a night of boxing!!!!

Well, it's not. But it should at least be humorous to watch. Because who doesn't enjoy watching has beens, shot fighters and frauds box for bags of money in a lovely country like Saudi Arabia? There's also an MTK Liverpool show headlined by Jazza Dickens against Nathaniel May, and the likes of Martin Murray and Terry Flanagan on the undercard against hopeless opposition. So standard stuff from MTK.

Jeddah Super Show (Spike: 8pm; Channel 5: 9pm):

Amir Khan vs Billy Dib
Hughie Fury vs Sam Peter
Prince Patel vs Michell Banquez
Michael Hennessy Jr. vs Farhad Hazratzada


MTK Liverpool (YouTube):
Jazza Dickens vs Nathaniel May
Martin Murray vs Rui Manuel Pavantino
Terry Flanagan vs Jonas Segu
Sam Maxwell vs Oscar Amador
Natasha Jonas vs Bec Connolly
Craig Glover vs Jiri Svacina
Jun 20, 2012
Struggling to muster a jot of enthusiasm for any of this shit. The most interesting fight out the lot for me is "Thin Mick"
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Jun 3, 2012
Korakuen Hall
10-9 Banquez

Comfortable first round for Banquez. Worked the body well. Patel staying tight and not throwing many shots as a result.