Jeff Horn vs Tim Tszyu (son of Kostya)

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May 22, 2013
Horn rightfully being pressured to retire

“My wife Jo has been happy for a while for me to hang up the gloves,” Horn told the Courier Mail.

“She wants me to stop fighting. She hates the stress of me fighting and what I have to go through to get ready for a campaign.

“She doesn’t like watching what happened to me in the last fight, and she doesn’t want it to happen again. Look, I understand why people want me to retire and I’m hearing it from my wife and my close family members … They are saying, ‘You have done enough and you have done yourself proud, so just let it go.’”

His loved ones have got a point. He has done enough and he has done himself proud
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wasted chemist
Sep 2, 2013
Scarborough Beach, Western Australia
Tszyu says Horn was no good from the beginning

Tim Tszyu says he knew “from the first minute” that Jeff Horn was in trouble against him as he saw “his eyes go into the back of his head”.

“As soon as I landed that first shot, I saw his eyes into the back of his head."

“I knew from the first minute, as soon as I landed the first shot. Once we got into a clinch I gave him a nice little right uppercut to the body and I heard him go ‘urgh, urgh’ and I knew it was over since then.”
What I've said all along.

Jeff horn was never that good and was massively overrated since Pacquiao.