Jeremy Corbyn is a G.

Jun 4, 2013
So today Jeremy said he may call a vote of no confidence in the gov if Mays deal is shot down tuesday. So even though he is in a party of remainers, everyone knows he hates hates Europe and wants out.

So by calling an election it dissolves parliament meaning no deal happens and we crash out.

Against Mays wishes. Against his own parties wishes.

What a G.

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Jun 4, 2013
Also when discussing Brexit he said this wasn't about leaving. Or about remaining. But about poor people getting the short end long enough, the rich getting richer the poor getting poorer and he was going to end it.

People say alot of bad shit about Jeremy. And he is naïve. But I respect him trying to make life better for common folk. I think he's one of the few politicians that can't be bought......


Ripley, strong independent woman who don't no man
May 16, 2013
Not his biggest fan due to the company he keeps, but fair play on this one.

Straight G.
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Presuming Ed

Cobra Kai
Oct 17, 2017
He's a fucking disaster in waiting. Diane Abbot 'MI5 should be dismantled' in 1989, to running them ? Fucking hell. Then you've got a self confessed Marxist as Chancellor in the odious McDonnell, a man who crowed about spitting in his bosses' coffee every day that he worked for him. Speaks volumes that.

Party full of lightweights and wrong'uns in equal measure. Fucking basket cases.


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Jun 4, 2013
Has he said “We’re ready to govern” any time recently? He likes saying that.
May 16, 2013
Aye, Jeremy Corbyn renowned for being power hungry :lol:

Alright alright you got me, obviously he wants to be the boss man, its just seems every soundbite he does now is they say yay we say nay or vice versa he doesent seem to have any substance or message other than torys out.
I dont really know wtf im trying to say, just something about him ive grown to dislike recently, i used to respect him.