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Jul 10, 2012
in a land of pictures and wonder
Just some vague stuff, Y. Allie Stolz was a Tippy Larkin master boxer type fighter with a fragile chin. As for Al Singer, I think he still has the record for holding the lightweight title the shortest amount of time.

the things I remember about singer was seeing his running round the ring backwards fleeing from I think battlino. Also reading how if someone else had been lightweight world champ berg would of got a shot when making the weight was not completely killing him .something to do with the managers and boxers being chums and no-one wanted allegations about crooked fights so in effect robbing berg of being perhaps a double weight world champion

stolz I remember reading that he was a top boxer but there seems to be little about him in depth

just done some more reading and it seems singer had it appears a couple of backers one of which was a mobster and he was demanding too much money for a berg fight
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Spent the past few days at work going through the whole thread.what a life you must have lived John.some great stories.especially liked the stillmans gym.Olympic auditorium fight night. The interview with little poison,your wildcard stories.Plenty of guys I've looked up after reason about on here. On the downside I've become the worlds least productive worker and got a bollocking too.
have you had any meetings with Tyson?
You met many big names in the game that you couldn't stand?

Keep the stories coming John. It's like hopping in a time
machine. Best thread on here