Joe Grim, The Iron Man

Mar 5, 2019
Hello everyone,,
Joe Grim feared no man. Sometimes weighing under the Middleweight limit, he fought everyone he could, from Lightweight to Heavyweight.

His record, 168 wins, and 9 losses, 3 of the losses by DQ.

Among the men he beat were all time greats, like Bob Fitzsimmons, Joe Gans, Jack Johnson, Joe Walcott and Philadelphia Jack O'Brien

How did he achieve such a legendary feat? Well, lets rewind a bit. Legend has it, Grim, as a child in Italy, would run head first into an iron gate for money, he was also apparently never even dazed. He took this attitude to boxing, see many of his wins were of an unconventional nature. He would simply take a beating, being knocked down over and over, but, apart from 6 times, would always get up to finish. Bob Fitzsimmons broke his hands trying to KO him, but Grim would just keep taking punishment, and at the end of the fight, would would declare "I am Joe Grim. I fear no man". Though, to be clear, he didn't simply fight to survive either, in many cases when badly hurt, he'd go straight to attacking his opponent, and would do his best to win in the convention way as well.

In terms of wins in a traditional sense, he actually 40 on boxrec, which is a lot more than he was thought to have had in decades past, though with the notable exception of a shock NWS win of welterweight champion Matty Matthews, these generally against a low caliber of opponent.

Still, in his own way he won. One of the oddest fighters in history.