Brit/Ire Join Juggernaut Joe ‘Jimenez’ Joyce’s Jubilatory Jimny Jaunt of Joy

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Jun 14, 2012
Toot Toot!

Get on board for the Jimny Jaunt as we follow Joe Joyce in his un-Juggernaut-like choice of transport to go Belt Hunting.

The haters say he’s too slow and has no defence. Joyce just smiles and batters to the ground whoever is brave enough to go in the ring with him. Like Joyce, the Jimny is underrated. Seen by some as a bit toy-like or a “hairdressers car”, those in the know appreciate its’ AWD go anywhere ability and rugged engineering.

At the time of posting, Bryant Jennings is next on the list of people to get run over by the Juggernaut, I don’t know how long the fight will last but I suspect it will be painful for Jennings.

With the management A-Team of Sam (How to make Friends and Influence people) Jones and Adam (Dark Energy) Booth there is no limit to how far the Jimny Jaunt can go, and there’ll be Joy and Jubilation galore.

We’re targeting a World Title shot on Cinco de Mayo, 2020 so Join Joe’s Jaunt for the road ahead.

I’m on board, are you?

Next stop, the O2.

Peep Peep!
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Jun 14, 2012
Glad to see you are on-board @dkos
There's limited passenger space in the Jimny but hopefully we can get a convoy going.
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