RBR!!! Josh Warrington (30-0) vs. Mauricio Lara (21-2) - February 13th 2021

Warrington vs. Lara Winner and How?

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Bob Weaver

The original and best
Jul 6, 2019
Only just got round to watching it, two things:

1) boxers without rich amateur pedigrees can’t take 16 months off without having shit tune up fights.

2) How the same man can’t stop George Groves and yet allow Warrington to continue is beyond me. I don’t not recall a single boxer being allowed to continue with legs that shaky.
I was watching with the Mrs. She likes boxing now, but she's not massively informed about in ring stuff, she just likes the drama and the characters.

Anyway, she thought he had injured his leg in the 4 th because he was walking so funny.

I explained that your legs often stiffen when hurt, (which I've told her before), but this was really pronounced.

The only possible reason the ref let it continue is because he wanted Warrington to win. There is no other justification.

Supposedly Warrington has a perforated ear drum, a broken jaw, and an injured shoulder. On top of being concussed.

He's taken a bad beating, and his corner and the ref are partly to blame. They are lucky it didn't end up worse.
May 24, 2018
Tweets about the referee and judges on this card.

Conclusion is this: British referees and judges can be as biased as they'd like to be, and the British Board of Boxing Control thereafter gives a public speech that they have complete confidence in their judges and referees. Thereafter, everything proceeds as normal until it happens again, and again.

Unfortunately, I think it could happen already this next weekend, on the Avanesyan - Kelly EBU title fight. How can a European title fight happening in the UK have a British referee and three British judges? Is it because of the corona restrictions? I presume so, and that probably shows that when there are travel restrictions between countries, the results might become even more biased for the home fighters than they already were. Anything like the scoring Barrett - Martinez, or the rumour that Warrington was leading on two cards going into round 9, should be completely unacceptable in an EBU title fight!