Jump Rope - can help your footwork. Myth or there is some truth in it ?


May 16, 2013
It needs to be understood that Footwork is an intelligent skill first and foremost - it is a learnable skill. Mundane monotonous exercise such as skipping is not enough to increase your skill level.

Footwork is mostly progressed through coaching, practise, tonnes of shadow boxing(simulated foot movement in a fight). Fight experience and sparring experience. With progress - footwork becomes a big part of strategy and often determines the outcome of the fight.

Yes footwork is a trait of a naturally athletic, gifted sports people. Skipping is a core part of conditioning for anyone who aims to increase footwork over the length of the fight.

Put it simply - Skipping is used to help develop the right engine you need to improve the skill. Skipping alone wont be enough to improve the skill.
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