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Aussie Kambosos signs multi-fight contract with Lou Dibella - Fighting May 5th US Debut

Good move in my opinion.. there is nothing left in Aus for for George apart from possibly the Kye McKenzie fight.

I don't know who else DiBella has in his stable but surely he can get George onto some undercards and start building him in the states.

As long as they dont try and rush him to the world title should be some great experience fights stateside for him


Not seeing the Mckenzie fight being a great possibility now. Which is a shame.

Mckenzie is a firm underdog in that match up i suppose he will work his way up the rankings and meet that way

Billy Dibb honest hard criticism of Kambosos
Can't really fault Billy for what he said there.
George has cleaned house in Aus with exception of Kye.
That's a big fight. One I really think should have happened. Sure as mentioned he can go to the US and what not. But it feels at times that Aussie boxers seem to think that going to the US is a bigger step up then actually building themselves and facing solid opposition.

Being in the US or even on US TV doesn't make it better for Kambosos if he's against a opponent like on Sunday. fighting Kye would have done a whole lot better for him then knocking over the bloke he did in less than a round