Keir Starmer & The Labour Party...

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Keir Starmer: Fan or Not A Fan?

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The Anti-Bully
Jul 24, 2012
With a name like Keir, how can he fail.

Is he actually named after Keir Hardie?


P4P Star
Jul 29, 2012
There's no way that Starmer is beating Boris, so it'll likely be 20 years in charge for the Conservatives. Sunak is very impressive too so assuming he takes over after Johnson, you could easily be looking at 30 years of Conservative rule. Obviously it's a good thing for the country to have Labour lose power and influence, and hopefully by the time of the next election, there'll be a resurgance from the Liberal Democrats or maybe even growth of the Green Party. The problem that these parties have is breaking into working class areas though. It's a big enough problem getting Labour to lose council seats in areas they've decimated, but to get mass support for the Greens or Lib Dems in the north is difficult to imagine.


Go get the papers get the papers.
Jun 11, 2014
Round and about
You don't want the opposition to be too weak and this fellow is a better choice than any of the others. I doubt labour will ever see power again though as the working class is shrinking all the time.
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Clarence Worley

Free and fair elections 2024
Nov 19, 2018
Already getting off to a terrible start demanding we delay Brexit yet again

Any excuse

I hope he crashes and burns
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Dec 25, 2019
Boring but probably the safe choice for Labour and surely to god this nails Tory governing for a long long time.

Can't be done with him especially with his Brexit antics so hopefully he crashes and burns,quicky or slowly,either will do.
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