Kid Galahad (27-1) vs. Jazza Dickens (30-3) II - August 7th 2021

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Galahad vs. Dickens Winner and How?

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May 26, 2018
I have to agree Galahad has a much better chance of unifying now than Warrington as If I were Russell or Xu I would fight Galahad over Warrington (assuming he takes the IBF title)
its an odd move from Warrington, announcing to face an IBF-ranked voluntary then relinquishing the IBF Title.
I wonder if the Lara fight happens now?

Unless he has something lined up with Haymon or Arum himself, i dont believe he is under contract/obligation to Hearn...


Fighting the Fury loving Scum
Jun 2, 2019
Eddie aint gonna be happy someone has stolen his thunder. He should have known tho and closed the notepad!