Kovalev sued for $8m for breaking woman's nose and kicking her dog

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Nov 10, 2014

  • Kovalev is being sued for $8 million by the woman who accused him of brutalizing her and her dog after she declined his advances in Big Bear last June
  • He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly leaving the woman with a broken nose, a concussion, and displaced disc in her neck
  • Kovalev pleaded innocent to the charges. He faces up to four years in prison
  • The married father denied the charges on Instagram, saying it was suspicious that the allegations were publicized ahead of his upcoming fight on Saturday
  • Kovalev's accuser, Jamie Frontz, identified herself publicly in a recent Instagram post in which she detailed some of the alleged assault
  • She reportedly rejected the married Kovalev's advances at a party before he and a friend followed her to her cabin, where she was allegedly assaulted


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Dec 12, 2015
Doesn't sound like anything Kovalev would do. Does she have any hard proof? Sounds like a typical scam for those $'s.


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Dec 12, 2015
One less legal issue for Kavalev as the woman who accused him of beating her in June 2018 after rebuffing his “romantic advances,” dropped the law suit on her own accord.

Article is rather confusing? Is she dropping the actual settlement or the breach or contract charges of that settlement?
They had already reached a settlement: he had to pay her 650,000 out of which 250,000 has been paid. She then sued him for breach of contract because he didn't pay the 2nd installment @ $200k That breach of contract suit is dropped according to the article which does mean he still has to pay, no?
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Jun 10, 2013
... which does mean he still has to pay, no?
Theoretically, unless perhaps they restructured the deal or she had some cause to not pursue the extra money. It's possible that that info simply isn't available yet.
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