Kovalev sued for $8m for breaking woman's nose and kicking her dog

Nov 10, 2014

  • Kovalev is being sued for $8 million by the woman who accused him of brutalizing her and her dog after she declined his advances in Big Bear last June
  • He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly leaving the woman with a broken nose, a concussion, and displaced disc in her neck
  • Kovalev pleaded innocent to the charges. He faces up to four years in prison
  • The married father denied the charges on Instagram, saying it was suspicious that the allegations were publicized ahead of his upcoming fight on Saturday
  • Kovalev's accuser, Jamie Frontz, identified herself publicly in a recent Instagram post in which she detailed some of the alleged assault
  • She reportedly rejected the married Kovalev's advances at a party before he and a friend followed her to her cabin, where she was allegedly assaulted


Get-rich-quick scheme investor
Dec 12, 2015
Doesn't sound like anything Kovalev would do. Does she have any hard proof? Sounds like a typical scam for those $'s.