labour party anti semitism

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Jun 21, 2013
Do people believe that the labour party actually IS institutionally antisemetic? Or that Corbyn, a life long anti racist campainer is? Or is it because of there pro palestinian views?
Heres a link to a film that goes abit into the case of Jackie Walker a black, jewish labour party activist, anti racist organiser, and her suspension from the lp on anti semitism
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May 16, 2013
It's a massive stitch up. Corbyn actual anti-racism campaigner his whole life. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good witch hunt.

All Corbyn needs to do is criticise Israel war mongering, hostile foreign policy he will be targeted by interest groups and labelled anti semitic. Israel propaganda machine in full motion
Nov 4, 2015
Yes they are. For obvious reasons but the big one is the mixup between what it means to be Jewish versus what the world thinks it means.

The non-Jewish world thinks all Jews are filthy rich and all Jews are assholes who spit on every non-Jew and ruin cultures and people by bringing filth and decay down on them. Usually for financial gain.

The reality is that many Jews aren't even rich. You probably know someone Jewish who is from a working class family. Jews tend to be smarter and better spoken than non-Jews so they would hold positions of authority more often but that's about it. They have a higher representation in market value for the same reason.

Jews are not the only people on top however. Anyone with a reasonably high IQ and verbal score with a lot of determination can be very successful. I may have some Jew from my maternal grandmother so not entirely sure what I am. But I do have an IQ of 132 and tend to be better spoken than most people around me. Though I could also just easily be an Irish / French / Dutch mutt. I've no idea and have never done a DNA test.

That aside what I've witnessed growing up led me to believe that people are victims of their own choices. I've always felt like doing just enough to earn the things I needed or wanted from life. No more than that. Coming from neighborhoods where the IQ score would be in the 80s or 90s I saw a lot of life choices being made that were damaging. Things like knocking girls up at 15. Things like alcoholism and drug abuse. Things like not being well mannered and well spoken. These were crushing life choices people were making all the time that locked them out of having market value. As a consequence they stayed poor.

Bringing this back to the Labour party I feel that party like the democratic party in the US represents the losers. I say losers because these are people who often (not always but often) chose poorly and faced the poor future because of it. Democrats live paycheck to paycheck. Democrats play the lotto, drink booze, do drugs and knock up girls. Though I hold off on saying it's all their fault individually. They have parents and of course their parents taught them nothing constructive. This also transcends race. Apparently except for Jews. Jews would not dare allow their children the excess of poor life choices. Most still don't. It's inexcusable and a stain on the family name. So people see a lot of things about Jews and a lot of things they don't see and it leads them to believe Jews are a problem for society.

The truth is they're alright. We need people to truly appreciate the consequence in their freedom and we won't ever get that from parties like the Labour party or the Democratic party. These parties could be doing good. Like on the issue of reducing the size and scale of government and putting an end to crony capitalism. Those are good maneuvers. Blaming Jews for their hardships isn't.
May 26, 2013
The fact the Labour Party have got into far more trouble over some members criticising Jews and Israel than they have over helping cover up the industrial scale mass rape of kids, should tell you all you need to know. It's not some crazy, far-right conspiracy theory to say that Jews and in particular the Zionist lobby, have a large amount of power and influence. It's reality.

Just look at what has been happening in America recently. Most of the media and talking heads bang on and on about Russia being a nefarious foreign influence, while Benjamin Netanyahu is sat in the White House holding private meetings with Donald Trump, trying to convince him to get America to go to war with Iran on behalf of Israel. And none of these same people say a word.

Now obviously there will be a lot of Muslim members of the Labour Party who simply hate Jews just because they are Jewish, with many of the radical left elements like Momentum siding with their Muslim 'allies' because that is the line they have drawn in the sand. Which obviously a problem that needs to be addressed. But for the rest of us, of all the things that you should despise Corbyn and the Labour Party for, this anti-semitism furore is way down on the list.
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May 16, 2013
Institutional - dunno.
Corbyn - prob not, just anti Israel.
Anti Semites in party - obviously.
Doing anything about it - no.
An other reasonable and well balanced post (No sarcasm)