Last Images of Lisanne Froon & Kris Kremers - 2 girls lost hiking in Panama

Jul 16, 2012
I don't think so. With two of you? Start together on a spot, one walks in a direction as far as the other can see. Then the second one walks straight and overtakes the first and walks the equivalent distance ahead. With one stationary and watching, it's quite hard to veer off at right angles and endlessly circle. Alternatively, find a water source and follow it.
:rofl Let's revisit this gem. Why on earth hasn't anyone thought of this fool proof idea?!?!

Thought provoking stuff. Makes you think, what if the girls were aware of this method? They could still be here today
I have an absolutely shit sense of direction, I get lost fucking everywhere, I work in people’s houses and take a wrong turn out of the bog embarrassingly often. I’ve been working upstairs in a house before and been wandering around downstairs after a trip the the van looking for the room I’m working in.

I liken it to dyslexia, most people remember and have a sense of direction in a completely different way than I do, it’s like I’m in a constant day dream, I take no mental notes of landmarks or visualise the path followed or anything. Fuck hiking or anything like that without fool proof back up. I can easily see how this happens, you only have to be a scatter brained retard like me.
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