Legendary Legends

Jun 6, 2013
Steele and Thaddeus Yarosz - middleweights that should be on everyone's top 10 list that are not in anyone's top 10?

Overlin - underrated beyond criminal?

A 19 year old Steele knocked out Ceferino.
All three are in my top 10 but mine would leave most fans with hurt feelings.


Can You Hear This?
Jun 30, 2012
- Classic Sugar Ray!
An interesting piece of info:

All records indicate SRR went 85-0 as an amateur...

He lost to Hiram Jackson, Harvey Lacelle, and Pasquale Pesca for sure. Those bouts are documented. He supposedly also lost to Billy Graham before he started using the name Ray Robinson but I have yet to find a ringside account. But Robinson himself states in his biography with Dave Anderson: "I was in with a tough little Irish kid and he got a three round decision. Years later, Billy Graham, who once challenged Kid Gavilan for the welterweight title, reminded me of that fight." Its in the chapter titled "Driftwood and Dice" in my copy its on pages 33 and 34. He also may have lost to Frank Anigiaconna in New Jersey, the newspaper reports for that bout differ. Some say a win some say a loss. He could have lost others as well because we are missing several reports for his bouts. It doesn't detract from his record because he was only an amateur and those losses were early in his amateur career but they were losses none the less. I believe that there has been a misconception with Robinson's record. I believe that people have taken early reports of Robinsons record as an amateur stating "unbeaten in 85 fights" to mean his amateur record was 85-0. This is incorrect. I believe he had many more fights as an amateur than 85 but that he hadnt been beaten in his last 85 fights as an amateur. Several times when he became an internationally recognized amateur star and great things were expected of him, he refused to fight difficult opponents rather than risk a blemish on that glossy winning streak.
Credit goes to Klompton.


'G' nius
May 12, 2013
at Greb vs Walker
I think Holyfield gets underrated in a p4p sense.

Probably my favorite HW to watch, just as far as aesthetically pleasing, action packed bouts go.

He has so many great fights under his belt - Dokes, Qawi,Foreman, Bowe trilogy, Moorer, Cooper, stewart, tyson 1, lewis,etc.

Even the less exciting bouts vs Mercer, Valuev (ROBBERY) Douglas and Toney were still interesting to watch.

Just a warrior through and through