Leo Santa Cruz (WBA) vs. Josh Warrington (IBF)

Santa Cruz vs. Warrington Winner and How?

  • Leo Santa Cruz Stoppage

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  • Leo Santa Cruz Decision

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  • Draw

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  • Josh Warrington Decision

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Jan 29, 2017
That could be a phenomenal fight. They could potentially just stand in middle of ring and knock fuck out of each other
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Jun 13, 2012
I fancied Warrington's chances of unifying before last night but even though Galahad was guilty of holding a lot, it showed some of Warrington's limitations.

His energy & combination punching are impressive but I doubt his ability to adapt when an opponent gives him a different look. Santa Cruz showed in the Mares fight how he can adjust his style & he is clearly a world class fighter.

I'd have Santa Cruz fairly comfortably on points in this
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Apr 10, 2016
Would be ace if we could have Frampton vs Valdez and Warrington vs Santa then winners face each other.

Whether Frampton even deserves the opportunity is another question.

But yea back Warrington vs Santa and Valdez. Garry Russell the man though

Good learning fight for Josh Saturday. Many saying a lot of negatives but he can work on a lot of things he lacked over tge weekend. Think about this put Barry in with the two above and would it be same result I think so
Sep 22, 2014
Well they’re fairly similar:

Amazing engine? Check
Great chin? Check
High Workrate? Check

Difference will be a bit of length and the power. Santa Cruz definitely isn’t a dynamite puncher, but think it’d be enough to edge a close fight that could read one sided on the cards?

As others have said, it could be a bananas fight!

I really like what they’ve done with Warrington. Kind of like how McCracken figured out Froch, with the amazing chin and engine but suspect technique, they developed a style that worked to his strengths and limited his limitations.

He’s never gonna be a puncher, but with high workrate, working behind the blitzes, he has developed into a really good fighter.
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Prize prick!!
Jun 4, 2012
Santa Cruz will box him like he did in the 2nd Frampton fight. He can match whatever Warrington brings IMO. Should be competitive mind and should be entertaining.
Aug 4, 2012
8-4. Or 9-3 LSC where almost every round is the same and i will be bored after a few rounds when i realize both are landing but never hurting the opponent which takes away the drama.