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Jun 5, 2013
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Loma is legit. His skill line up with anybody's on the P4P list. I think it is early to name him #1, but at the same time see him as one of the most complete fighters on the planet, if not the most complete.

I tend to not get too caught up in P4P rankings as they are subjective, but I am enjoying Loma's career. Glad I saw him live against Russell; that's the night I became a fan.
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Jun 1, 2012
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Looking at a lot of post fight interviews with the media, boxing trainers etc. there now seems to be a consensus that Lomachenko is the best fighter in boxing. Some are saying he is pound for pound number one, and the others seem to be saying "He is the best, but he hasn't fought enough big opponents yet" (essentially that he is the p4p #1 in waiting).
Where is he on your pound for pound list?

@Pedderrs he has only had 8 fights? Remember I said pound for pound within 10 fights? He might not quite get there by that time for everyone, but he couldn't help that Rigo ducked him and that he had to chase Walters up a weight division and into a corner to get that fight. Get Salido out of the way then dominate Pacman in his next two fights, it will be hard not to call him p4p after 10 fights.
He's a great fighter, dude.

I do think your uncompromising tone can be a little irritating on occasion but Lomachenko is producing the goods for the time being, so I can only congratulate the both of you.
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Jun 5, 2013
Simply put i think he is the best in the world.

But not P4P no 1.that is between gonzalez and ward.
Jun 14, 2012
In terms of actual boxing skill he's the best. There is no question of that in my mind. His best wins are Martinez, Russell and Walters, 2 weight world champion and a controversial loss to Salido in his 2nd fight. All this in under 10 fights. That resume is better than some current fighters careers.

If he went on to unify 130 in the next 18 months or so for me that should be good enough to be the consensus P4P#1.

If he fought and beat Pacquiao in his next fight that would also make him no1.
Jun 6, 2012
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Really? Who would you have ahead of him? I'd have thought any lingering doubts of him being P4P were put to bed over the weekend
Gonzalez, Ward, Kovalev, Pacquaio, Estrada, Crawford, Canelo, Golovkin, Rigondeux, Thurman.

Could argue him above some, its fairly tight currently but you also have Inoue, Yamanka, Wlad and Fury (if you count either), Stevenson and Garcia.

I dont thibk hes nailed on in there. His talent is obvious but his reaume is still pretty light. Walters is a good win but he was coning off a shit performance against Sosa (even if he should have won), Martinez is nowt great and Russell is looking a better win but still nothing amazing as yet.

A couple more will cement him mind.


Dec 29, 2015
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Not really, Valdez is very predictable and orthodox, until he learns to vary the tempo of his offence then Lomachenko vs Valdez will just be a repeat of the domination in their amateur contest.
its hard to score a pro bout based solely on an amateur match, taking in count amateurs are just like sparring matches,,, plus just the 3 round rule, plus the gear,talking about that time of course 2009 etc, i do think it would be an interesting match, Valdez percentage of KOs its an interesting factor, nevertheless his foot work isn't as great as Loma being the supreme advantage of him, well, definitely a close fight and definitely not a fiasco ala Loma Walters
Jun 7, 2013
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He's the best fighter in the sport, that means p4p number one. Many now hold that opinion. Ward and your guy are the only others in the discussion, and I don't think anyone can honestly say that they think those guys are more talented than Lomachenko.
He's the best boxer nowadays for me, so I'd say he's the p4p number one in my book. I probably wouldn't put him at first if I ran The Ring, because his resume probably doesn't make it clear enough (yet), but I don't care he's the best.

His lateral movements and intelligent offence are just a treat to watch.
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Jun 27, 2012
I remember the hype around his last fight.

:lol: :yep

Should get off the high horse, he ain't all that. :bart
Nonsense, he put on the greatest athletic performance of the 20th Century and I'm only half joking. This gives you a very good idea with the time intervals of how badly Secretariat smokes modern athletes, training, nutrition and performance enhancing drugs.

Pharoah wouldn't of even been within 12 lengths of him and is actually a descendant. Secretariat's rival (Sham) was actually a superior horse as well IMO but he came up in the wrong era and burned out trying to go balls to the wall with the GOAT.

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Jun 5, 2012
P4P has become a ranking base on record over everything else now, but in terms of ability & h2h I think Loma is the best fighter on the planet
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