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May 31, 2012
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May 31, 2012
And if you've got a little spare cash left after Christmas...

DAVID HAYE may be biding his time to land the fight he craves against Vitali Klitschko — but he’s definitely not twiddling his thumbs waiting for the phone to ring.
The ex-WBA heavyweight title-holder, fresh from his spell in the jungle for TV show I’m A Celebrity, has been busy putting the final touches to a workout DVD.

Released on December 31, Box & Tone promises to help people of all fitness levels get in shape after the Christmas period.

And the Hayemaker, 32, reckons you’ll be fighting fit in no time if you follow his energetic routine.

The Londoner said: “Whether you consider yourself fit or not, don’t worry. You won’t be taking any punches here, just dishing them out.

“I guarantee if you complete this workout plan, you’ll really feel the burn.

“What makes it so special and unique is the fact that the people following it can be certain it works.

“I’m simply teaching them a few tricks of the trade, stuff I’ve used in my own career.

Video:Beat the post-Christmas bulge with the HayemakerLifestyleDAVID HAYE has produced a new workout DVD to help people of all fitness levels get in shape
“If it can work in boxing — one of the toughest sports in the world — then I’m sure these exercises can translate into everyday life, too.

“This isn’t me guiding people through a rigorous training camp. Instead, every drill and exercise is suited to those at home, not world champion boxers.

“If you’ve never clenched a fist, skipped rope or gone for a jog in your life, it doesn’t matter — there will still be something for you.”

Haye, a former undisputed cruiserweight champion, added: “Very few sportsmen are as clued up on losing weight, building muscle and overall fitness as boxers.

“I hope my knowledge in these areas can help the men and women of Great Britain beat the post-Christmas bulge.”

David Haye’s Box & Tone, priced £19.99, is available from www.hayemaker.com and all good DVD stockists.

May 31, 2012