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Jul 12, 2012
I'm not sure I ever recall Frochy being called 'The Nottingham Terror' :lol: Don't think I've heard him called 'The Sheriff of Nottingham' outside of a few jokey forum posts years and years ago (and even that is a stretch as I can't actually remember the posts)

From henceforth, Froch shall be known as 'The Nottingham Terror' :rofl
Rachel labelled him that after their first alley way encounter.


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Jun 20, 2013

The Orchid Man is Frapin’s 10th fragrance. It draws part of its inspiration from the surprising personality of boxer Georges Carpentier, nicknamed in America as “the Orchid Man”.

Frapin was instantly drawn to the life of this legend to tell its new fragrant story.

An all-rounder, Georges was an elegant, resourceful man who skillfully knew how to reinvent himself at each period of his life. A boxer, brave man and proud citizen, he even tried his hand at another English sport, rugby, at which he showed his talent.

At the turn of the 1930s, this momentous man revealed his other talents. After the boxing ring, he took to the stage. Carpentier the showman went from Paris to Hollywood. He experienced the heights of Wall Street and then its collapse. A modern man who was always ready for new adventures, the Orchid Man opened one of the first cocktail bars in Paris, to great success.

Boxing, like perfume, is about facing yourself. An encounter of rituals and studied gestures. It is also a moment of violence that must be elegant. Governed by precise rules and respect for the opponent, boxing became a gentleman’s sport at the end of the 19th century.

David Frossard, an expert of the boxing world, took all of this into consideration when he launched the idea for a fresh, elegant, powerful and virile perfume. Jérôme Epinette, whom he met several years earlier, has been entrusted with the interpretation of this world which is both animal and cerebral.

Perfumer Jérôme Epinette (Robertet, NY) on constructing the perfume:

«First of all I built up the fragrance around an animal leather accord that gives the scent its signature, power, elegance and the iconic aspect of boxing gloves. The patchouli brings hot and humid tones that conjure up the atmosphere in a boxing gym.

I then added a sparkling and energizing freshness with Calabrian bergamot and Madagascar black pepper as a reminder of all the energy used up during a fight.»

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Jun 15, 2014
Those are dapper threads right there. Apparently they were scheduled for release in December but Under Armour sabotaged the production process as they were concerned about the massive drop in Christmas gift profits caused by Magic Matt's range dominating the market place.
Jun 6, 2012
Who doesn't love their dog enough to get them a Ring Belt coat btw?

Mines more than a belt holder to me.