Brit/Ire Luke Campbell (20-3) vs. Ryan Garcia (20-0) - January 2nd 2021

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Campbell vs. Garcia Winner and How?

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Jun 28, 2013
Be interesting to see how Campbell goes about this fight. Garcia has ridiculous speed, so likely Campbell will need to gage him the first couple rounds. The thing is, Campbell has been dropped early before.
Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
Ryan Garcia is still unproven at the highest level but the guy just wants to fight everyone, I love his attitude and his self-belief, Campbell could derail his rise, he's no mug but after what he did to Duro his confidence is sky high I'm sure.

I kinda want to sit on the fence with this one, at least until it's fight week and I've seen open workouts, weigh-in etc but forget about the outcome for a moment, it's a great fight with entertainment almost a cert. But if Coolhand loses that could be the end of his world title aspirations.