RBR!!! Lyndon Arthur (Commonwealth) vs. Anthony Yarde - December 5th 2020

Arthur vs. Yarde Winner and How?

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Aug 4, 2012
Yarde is carrying some serious glass, Arthur hasn't got much of a future if he loses this one.

A Force

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Jul 21, 2013
I’m tempted by Arthur but I’ve only seen the Spellman fight. Was he a good amateur? Read on Wikipedia he lost to Buatsi but represented British Lionhearts so must’ve been boxing at a good standard.

There’s still so many questions around Yarde. He’s somewhere between British & world level but because he’s only really fought Kovalev & we don’t know how much he had left it’s a tough fight to take much from.

I think Yarde proved he has a decent chin but also showed poor stamina. If Arthur can take a shot then there’s an argument he could win the majority of the rounds on his jab alone
Jun 20, 2012
Ali easily winning this but the best shots of the fight were thrown by Quinn
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