Magdaleno vs. Rivera (Upset Alert)?

Jun 4, 2013
Anyone think an upset will happen here? No shame in Rivera losing to some of the fighters he's lost to. Santa Cruz and Jojo are elite at FW. Supposedly (I've not seen it), the Gonzalez fight was razor close according to some of the sites I've seen on that one. He did pretty well for a few rounds against Santa Cruz, and IIRC, (I hope this is right) he was given short notice.

He'll have full notice against a very vulnerable Magdaleno. Magdaleno has looked like shit since moving up. He's chubby, his stamina is questionable, and he's showed no power. He was also stopped by tiny Dogboe.

I just feel like Rivera can pull this one off. He's a lot bigger than Magdaleno, has respectable power, speed, and solid fundamentals.

What do you guys think? If I were a betting man, I'd put some money on Rivera. I wonder what the odds are for this fight if anyone knows. I'm pretty sure Magdaleno is the significant favorite on paper, though.