Manny Pacquiao (WBA) vs. Terence Crawford (WBO)

Pacquiao vs. Crawford Winner and How?

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Jun 5, 2013
Crawford will likely stop Pac, I’d hate to see him go out like that, he should vacate and just either retire or fight McGregor or something, getting whipped by Crawford at 42 years old won’t do his brain much good.

If he somehow managed to get the win it would go down as one of the greatest victories in the last 30 years. 42 years old, with a style like his against a p4p #1 contender on an 9 fight KO streak.
May 22, 2013
I agree. I hate this fight, for all sorts of reasons.

And it won't prove anything. It's just a cash grab for all concerned.
I would have no qualms with Pac hanging them up and vacating the belt.
But if he plans to stick around and call himself champion... well I think he should be held to the standard or any other champion and be expected to fight the best challenger.. As it stands at this point it is Bud Crawford.

Plus though i don't want to see Pac get forced into retirement by another stoppage loss. I want Bud to take his belt and even things out a bit more for negotiations with Spence.

He'll then hold the WBA and WBO, Spece the WBC and IBF. 2 of the 4 belts each.. makes things a bit more even playing field.
Spence will still claim the A side with Porter and Spence being bigger names but at least belt wise they will be on a level field
Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
I'm not so sure Pacman isn't competitive vs Crawford and certainly don't see him getting stopped, sure it's not beyond the realm of possibility but my prediction if they fought now would be Crawford on points but I wouldn't be shocked by Pacquaio on points either. Manny's still the dude at 147 don't sleep on him, he showed Thurman that some fighters age like a fine wine, if Crawford went in thinking Pacman's old and it's a walk in the park he'd be foolish, no one except Canelo has a resume that can rival Pacman's, his experience is unrivalled amongst the active crop and the speed is still there from last I saw but of course if the years keep rolling by and they don't fight, the less chance Pacquiao will have to win.
Jul 15, 2012
El Paso, TX
Pac needs to vacate.

Crawford v Spence is the fight we really want. Both men are fighting only weeks apart let's make this fight for the first half of next year.