Manuel Charr (WBA 'Regular') vs. Trevor Bryan (WBA 'Interim') - OFF

Charr vs. Bryan Winner and How?

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Jul 25, 2015
not until he gets a pay out off someone, anyone...
To be fair to him he's owed $325k from Charr's promoter after he failed a drugs test, AND a WBA regular shot which will of course have its own purse.

He's got zero chance of even being competitive in a world title fight, but he understands the law and can afford decent lawyers.

I say good luck to him. The governing bodies and the promoters have been screwing fighters over for years who are too lazy to read contracts and who don't understand the law. It's about time a boxer with a decent brain came along and fucked them over.
Jun 4, 2013
:lol: Dude is confident. How the fuck can you say Andy Ruiz then Tyson Fury like that? Dude would be lucky if he got past Ruiz, and fuck me, Fury would put a clinic on Charr.