Jan 13, 2020
So I had to go the store, (mask on) had to have dog food, milk, butter, eggs, bread.

While walking out I hear a commotion in the parking lot, it was a big okie hassling with a couple young Mexican guys (early 20's?) I couldn't figure out the why.

The okie was pissed because despite the store making it real clear WEAR A MASK they don't hassle anyone if they don't, those Mexicans guys had no masks.

I started to walk over and play peace maker but just as I turned the cops pull up. I didn't want to be asked what I saw so.........see ya!

This is where we are now and it will get far worst, yep, just like a movie about a disaster.

Donald Trump MUST pass a will wear a mask or be arrested....that has to happen. 10 days in jail 1000 dollar fine. Trump NEVER seen without a mask on.

What breaks my heart is there will be no football in 2020. Yes they will try but it's not going to work.
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