Mayweather : "How I would’ve beaten Leonard, Hagler & Duran"

May 22, 2013
Look I am not going to weigh in on the who beats who and how situation.
I don't think Floyd really actually even said anything about how he would actually beat them, just general statements

But just gonna comment that I feel like a lot of people won't give Floyd his respect and rate guys like Leonard, Hagler and Duran so highly above Floyd that it's like fighting Floyd is a walk in the park for them.

Maybe they all would beat him (Hagler for sure just to big and strong) but it's talked about as if Floyd isn't an undefeated 5 division world champion, arguably the greatest defensive fighter ever, arguably greatest pound for pound ever and certainly of this generation.

Perhaps Leonard would be to quick and powerful, Duran to relentless but Floyd would no doubt have made them work for the win and tested them just as much as any other tough opponent they faced.

For an outside of boxing comparison it's like the MJ VS Lebron thing. People put MJ so high on the pedestal. Deservingly so. But he's so high up there they people refuse to accept Lebron for how great he is now and act like Lebron could do nothing with MJ but get embarrassed.
Jun 7, 2013
I could see him MAYBE beating Duran, although based off of the Chavez fight early in his career, it might be a bad style matchup for him
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