Micky Ward now paying the price for being a warrior

May 17, 2013

I would have been surprised if Micky didn't pay the price somewhere along the line.
Hate to hear this. Ward was a guy I liked to watch fight simply because of all the things that seems to have finally contributed to the problems he's now having.

He was tough as nails and one of the better body punchers in the game, but he took a lot of punishment to get close to his opponents bodies.

His trilogy with Arturo Gatti are throwback bouts to the 40's and 50's when guys fought each other 3-4 times during their careers.

Sittin Sonny

The Antifa Shuffle
Jun 10, 2013
I don't think Micky ever fully recovered from that early-round KD in the 2nd Gatti fight. I remember him complaining about vision and balance problems even around the time he retired - almost as though he suffered some sort of permanent nerve or eardrum damage.