Mikey vs Teofimo

Aug 19, 2020
United Kingdom
I got Mikey if it's at 140, I think that's a tasty fight but Mikey's still good enough and Lopez hasn't been up there before, his power is solid at 135 but what's it like at 140?

There's no way I could pick Lopez over him right now, my prediction would be almost identical to the Loma/Lopez fight and though that one didn't go as expected I'd fully expect Mikey to get the job done, I could even see Lopez getting dropped in the process too. Mikey's a different level.
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Jun 6, 2013
A brilliant matchup.

I'm tempted to go with Teo, because of his youth and because of his improved defensive footwork we just witnessed. Plus he was never a natural at 140, he's HUGE for 135.

But Mikey has that deep, high-level experience. And he would NEVER fight the reserved, outside fight that Loma just did.
But would he still want to fight at 140?

Well, I'm picking Mikey, if this fight were to happen within the next year. But I think via decision, after a brutal, high-output FOTY.