MMA: Claudia Gadelha (18-5)...

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Claudia Gadelha: Hot or Not?

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One Man

A champion gets up when he cant
Jul 13, 2018
One of the hotest MMA babes out there.

Seems a cool chick aswell.

seems kinda past it as a fighter though.Been thinking for a while the weight cut is killing her.


CHB World Championship People's Champion
May 16, 2013
I like her, but I strongly suspect that it's not a coincidence that she's looked softer and physically diminished post-USADA.

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Bob Weaver

The original and best
Jul 6, 2019
Internet Me: ehh... she's whatever.

Real Life Me: if only...
Yeah, but when you are comparing her online you are comparing her with every other woman on the Internet, real or imagined.

That's a high bar, and will take a lot to get someone excited.

If you talk about real life, then you are only comparing her to the women you have slept with, or could sleep with.

That's a much lower bar for most people.

Personally, when I was single I would sleep with most women who weren't hideous, and if I was drunk enough I would sleep with them too.

However, it takes a lot for me to get excited about someone who I am not going to have sex with. If it's just pictures online, then they will need to be incredible pictures.
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