MTK Global and Boxnation announce 12 date deal

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Jun 4, 2012
Great stuff, more fights. Think they’ll be NXTGEN quality but even so. MTK making moves along with their amateur signing today as well.

Sounds like both Tom Stalker and Jamie Conlan have taken on admin roles with them so doubt they’ll fight again.

Good that boxers are getting careers after fighting too.
Oct 24, 2014
North of the world
This wouldve been great running alongside boxnations own output.MTK couldve done live shows midweek or even Friday night goong into a weekend of Franks fighters.That wouldve shut a few of us up moaning.

Its good news i suppose but it still doesnt solve the huge problem of losing all the international content.I wish them well™ but I fear we wont be getting the high profile MTK guys and it will be more like the shows that are streamed on IFL etc.Nothing against these guys but theyre mostly still learning as they go and its not tv worthy imo.Maybe MTK stick prospects in v prospects which might be interesting but i dont know are they wanting tear ups for their guys still learning.

Now is the time for everyone to come together all small hall promoters around the country and do something with boxnation.Maybe some sort of co promotion across different promoters stables and put together a few solid cards a month.Gives BT another bunch of fighters and potential ready made match ups should they need to 'borrow' them.I dont know financially its probably dreamworld stuff but there has to be a way with BT investment
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