Murat Gassiev Signs with Hearn; Moves to Heavyweight

Aug 28, 2014
If they made Gassiev vs Takam instead of Usyk that would have been decent I wonder who he will fight
Aug 28, 2014
Imagine Gassiev/Chisora. What a fight that would be.
Im thinking Gassiev will be like Canelo at HW where no one can risk trading with him his punches are too short and crisp and his block is legit, I can only see the top 3 and Usyk beating him I think he walks through everyone else
Jul 14, 2015
Anyone else really want to see Gassiev at heavyweight? Got the feeling he is going to be a beast at the weight, the size of his neck in these photos. Put him in with Bakole

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Jun 6, 2013
Gassiev's problem at HW is his 76" reach.

He's a pretty good pressure fighter, so maybe he can be the next Joe Frasier, but he's going to have to absorb a LOT of punishment to get there. He's certainly athletic, but slow of foot, and he doesn't have the liquid defense of a prime Mike Tyson. - In fact his defense basically sucks.

Also, all he really has is that right hand. Opponents know what's coming. That's why Usyk was able to completely dominate him for 12 rounds.

Against Wilder & AJ? I dunno .......