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May 31, 2012
I'd like to announce the following team:

There's no real distinction between moderator and admin, it's just a CHB Team. It's a smaller team than before as I don't really think it's needed. I'm still waiting on some of the old team to get back to me who have been somewhat inactive.

@Ragnar Lothbrok (prefers not to be associated with main account)
@Crimson Chin (prefers not to be associated with main account)

There are a few others who get involved with behind the scenes stuff - @DynamicMoves has been fantastic with the Sportsbookie so far, huge credit to him.

We're looking to use a hands off approach, while cutting down on any personal bickering that goes a bit too far. Unfortunately there's no hard/fast rule or line for this, it's situation dependent and will be communicated in the mod forums as necessarily.

We're looking to try and use the 'warning' tool where possible, any complaints or appeals should be made in private either to any staff member. Making a public post complaining about it will be locked and/or deleted. Otherwise it just creates huge drama chains and 'Sky is falling' mentality.

We're hoping to be the happy medium between mumsnet and stormfront. I'm a huge believer in letting people talk about what they want to talk about, and not thought policing, and that's something all the new team agree on however we will keep that within reason. It's subjective and each case will be dealt with specifically and discussed amongst the team which has a varied background.

Thanks to all of these for their work and time spent so far, and for signing up to deal with everyone going forward. I tried to warn them against it.
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