New York I Love You

Jun 4, 2012
In parts of Brooklyn, people are still getting shot in neighborhoods where studios are 2k+. I can’t confirm if it’s over $5 though.
Obviously, a big city still has murders and a big city in the US with guns, gangs etc will still have murders, but the reduction is huge.

Murders in NYC:

1990 - 2245
2018 - 289

That's a fucking crazy reduction in a city that now has about 1.3 million more people living there than did in 1990 too.
Jun 2, 2013
I like it a lot, but I have to say each time I go back, I like it a little bit less, and I pretty much wouldn't want to live there now, when that was actually on the cards a couple of years ago. That said, I am mainly talking about Manhattan, Brooklyn is more chilled, but I definitely find a lot of the huge buildings to just feel a bit oppressive. You can walk around on a beautiful day, and just feel closed in. But for food and nightlife it is fantastic.

It's all preference, I prefer pubs to bars, and lower level cities where a nice day can suddenly be in a green area, that doesn't even feel like a big city. But it's a place everyone should try and visit.

When you lived in London - what actual part of London did you rent a place in ?
Jun 9, 2013
Never been. In fact never been to anywhere in the States which is slightly weird to me cos ive travelled a little bit and the U.S has always been somewhere intriguing and its influenced me a fair amount culturally with films, t.v music etc but its just never happened. Im 42 now and have a 3 year old so not sure when it will but id deffo like to have a mooch about the place at some point.
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