Nick Blackwell injured in sparring session

One to watch

Jun 5, 2013
I totally get the loss he feels he has suffered with boxing.

But what was he thinking? Who did he spar? Who was the trainer here?

It's unreal.i like the fact robert smith has spoken out on this and been very honest.he collapsed again and had to have pressure relieved on his brain again.
Jun 9, 2013
He's probably saved your life Nick.

"I probably could fight again if I wanted to. I'd have to go for a medical and stuff, but I spoke to Gary and said 'if I was fine to fight again would you train me?' and he said 'no'.

"I wouldn't have anyone else in my corner, so if Gary wouldn't train me I wouldn't come back."
Jun 6, 2013
You'd think after what happened to him he'd be scared to death at the thought of taking shots to the head ever again, I know I would be.

Hope he's alright but this really is foolishness on a grand scale and he should be ashamed for putting his family through this again.
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