Nikolai Valuev has terminal brain cancer

May 26, 2019
News will probably be on english language sites soon.

State Duma Deputy Nikolay Valuev spoke on TVC about the fight against cancer.
The ex-world boxing champion was found to have a brain tumor. The politician has already had two operations, but the treatment is still ongoing. Valuev called his disease "conditionally fatal" and compared the situation with Russian roulette. After all, physicians were forced to leave part of the tumor because of the proximity of the most important vessels of the brain.
The ex-boxer noted that he needed to undergo maintenance therapy every month


Let's Go Champ
May 17, 2013
Morpeth, Northumberland
Politician :lol:

Was just thinking about SNV a few days ago, vs the current crop. Fury and Wilder beat him, not so sure about AJ though. Big Nik would be a contender in any era he fought in.

Hope he pulls through this