RBR!!! Nonito Donaire (WBA 'Super') vs. Naoya Inoue (IBF & WBA 'Regular') - November 7th 2019

Donaire vs. Inoue Winner and How?

  • Nonito Donaire Stoppage

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  • Nonito Donaire Decision

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  • Draw

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  • Naoya Inoue Decision

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  • Naoya Inoue Stoppage

    Votes: 15 83.3%

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Jun 7, 2013
Donaire just needs some of those milkshakes that Pac was drinking, before the Thurman fight.
Meh. Pacquiao did look much livelier than he did against Thorne, but Thurman is overrated imo. Had a VERY close fight with Porter and competitive with Garcia


The Greatest
May 17, 2013
2 of my favorite fighters for life. Whoever wins, I will be happy and sad at the same time.
Jun 6, 2013
I think the lower weights..you age a lot faster than the other weight classes.
I think also that in lower weight classes, power comes mainly from speed. (at a much higher percentage than in higher weight classes.)

An older fighter can maintain strength, technique, & ring knowledge, but there's nothing (legal) that you can do to maintain the speed of youth.
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